PHOTOS & VIDEO: Ed in October 2013 issue of Augustman

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Photoshoot > Augustman
Scans > Augustman

PHOTOS: On set photos and stills from ‘Last Flight’

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Films > Last Flight (2014) > On Set
Films > Last Flight (2014) > Promotional Stills

CANDID: Ed at dinner with ‘Jeckyll’ cast and crew

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This photo is from November 19, 2013. I spot Dianna Agron sitting beside him!

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Candid > 2013 > 11.19.13 – Out to dinner with ‘A Conspiracy on Jeckyll Island’ cast and crew

PHOTOS: On the Set of ‘A Conspiracy on Jeckyll Island’

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These photos are from November 16 and November 19. Enjoy.


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Films > A Conspiracy on Jeckyll Island (2014) > On Set – November 16, 2013
Films > A Conspiracy on Jeckyll Island (2014) > On Set – November 19, 2013

PHOTO: Official Poster for Last Flight released

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It’s been added to the gallery! Enjoy!

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Films > Last Flight (2014) – Posters

We’re back and Ed’s on Twitter and instagram!

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I’d like to start off by saying hello to our lovely visitors! I love you all for sticking around over the last several months, though I haven’t been updating and have been M.I.A. Please accept my apology for that. My life became extremely hectic for a while there – I had a death in the family and then a broken wrist which prevented me from typing. They’re not great excuses, but they are excuses nonetheless so I apologize and I promise to spend a whole bunch of time getting the site completely up-to-date again!

Now… moving on!

We have an announcement to make (a late one, but it’s an announcement all the same):

Ed Westwick is now on both Twitter and instagram!

For real. It’s true!

His Twitter account – @EdWestwick – has been verified! (See photo below)



And just today, he posted proof on his instagram – @edwestwick – that it is, in fact, him posting there! (see photo below)


And if you’re wondering if Ed is one of those celebs who just have a social media account to have one, but never post – rest assured, people! He posts lots and lots! So be sure to follow him ASAP!

Stills: Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet (2013) > Stills

Fan Poll: Ed Westwick nominated for Hottest British Male Celebrity

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Ed Westwick has been nominated on for the Hottest British Male Celebrity award. CLICK HERE to go and vote for him now, lovelies!

VOTE: Ed Westwick for Best Actor in 2013 CW Awards

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Ed Westwick has been nominated for Best Actor in the 2013 CW Awards at E!Online. He’s falling a little behind in the results, but we Ed fans have pulled together to help him win before, right? Let’s do it again! He deserves it!

CLICK HERE to go to the polls and vote for him.

Also, while you’re there – his Gossip Girl costar Leighton Meester was nominated too – for best actress. If you’re willing, vote for her as well? :)

Ed Westwick cast as lead in film ‘Bone In The Throat’

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Ed Westwick will play the lead in the film adaptation of Anthony Bourdain’s foodie noir thriller novel Bone In The Throat. Burn Gorman (The Dark Knight RisesRevenge) and Liam Cunningham (Game Of Thrones) have also joined the cast of the film to be helmed by commercials director Graham Henman in his feature debut. He co-wrote the screenplay with Mark Townend. Lenny Beckerman and Peter Heslop are producing the story of a sous-chef at the hottest restaurant in London’s East End who becomes embroiled in his uncle’s underground mob activity when he witnesses him commit a murder. Executive producer Maggie Monteith of Dignity Film Finance is backing the picture set to shoot in London in the fall. Westwick is repped by Michael Hallett at Emptage Hallet. Cunningham and Gorman are repped by Management 360 and the UK’s Independent Talent.

Source: Deadline