PHOTOS – Ed Westwick attends Armani Exchange events at Coachella

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04.13.13 – Armani Exchange Coachella Music Festival Brunch
04.13.13 – A|X Armani Exchange Neon Carnival – Coachella

PHOTOS – Ed Westwick Candids Gallery Update

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Gallery Links:
02.05.13 – Night out – West Hollywood
02.07.13 – Out and About – LA
03.09.13 – Football match – London
03.19.13 – Out and About – LA
03.24.13 – Pink Taco restaurant – LA
04.01.13 – Driving around – LA

VIDEO – ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Trailer

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The trailer for Romeo and Juliet has finally begun playing in the UK. For those of you who are just catching up, Ed will be playing the part in Tybalt in the newest adaption of the Shakespeare play, and it is set to be released later this year.

I’ve replaced the previous, not-so-great-quality trailer with the new HD version for your viewing pleasure! 😉


PHOTOS – Candids of Ed Westwick from March 25

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Candids > 2013 > 03.25.13 – Leaving movie theatre – Hollywood

PHOTOS – Ed Westwick attends Hilfiger store opening in LA

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02.13.2013 – Tommy Hilfiger LA Flagship Opening

Additional Scans from ElleGirl Russia magazine

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As promised, we’ve added the rest of the scans from the ElleGirl Russia magazine issue with Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester on the cover of it.

*NOTE: we will no longer be having them translated as some of the info is incorrect. Such as him being married either currently or in the past, which he is NOT.. It sucks, we know, so we will not be sharing the inaccurate translation.  Only the pretty pages. :)


Gallery Link:
01.2013 – ElleGirl Russia Magazine

VIDEO – Ed and Leighton Interview in Thailand, January 11th

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VIDEOS – Ed and Leighton in Bangok, January 11th

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PHOTOS – Ed and Leighton in Bangok for the re-opening of the Siam Center

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More to come! 😀

Gallery link:
Public Appearances > 2013 > Siam Center Re-opening in Bangok, Thailand

VIDEO INTERVIEW – Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester in Thailand

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This interview was conducted this morning in Thailand (it was actually 7pm their time!), and there are a few more videos to come! Screen captures to follow!

*Replacing the original one with part 1 & part 2 in better quality!