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SCAN – Ed Westwick in November issue of Elle Magazine Belgium

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I’d like to thank our lovely follower, Iris (@irisjee9 on Twitter) for donating this scan to our site! She really came through for us quickly! The full-size scan has been placed in the gallery – the link is below – and Iris has also taken the time to translate the article accurately for you all. Thank you, Iris! 😉

The beast in Ed Westwick

The Swiss designer Philipp Plein likes a famous face. Last year he had actress Lindsay Lohan as an ambassadress for his womenswear collection, for his menswear collection the rock-‘n-roll-designer appeals to the looks of Ed Westwick.

After a steamy shoot in front of the lens of photographer Terry Richardson, Westwick was ready for his big catwalk début in Milan. Elle had an intimate get together under the Milan summer sun.
Perhaps the name Ed Westwick probably doesn’t immediately ring a bell, but just drop the words ‘Chuck Bass’ during a conversation and half of the female world population swoons. The 25 year old Brit put himself in the shoes of the ‘Gossip Girl’-character Chuck Bass, the dandy bad boy with the unseen talent to lean against parked limos to break girls hearts, for 6 seasons. That I got the opportunity to talk to Pleins occasional model provoked more jealous reactions than had I gave birth to Brad Pitt’s love child…

The shoot got the name ‘Unleash the Beast’

Westwick: “Photographer Terry Richardson created a fantastic atmosphere on set. And yes, the beast was unleashed, first of all by Terry who can be seen in the campaign too, he actually is a beast. We have certainly honoured the strong image of the brand.”

You are an actor. Did you find it hard to be a model? 

“Well, I am very vain and like to pose, so that worked out pretty good. (Laughs)”

Were you able to use your experience as an actor?

“Sure! As an actor, you try to play a credible character, a model has to sell an image and a brand. That involves a lot of acting.”

Fashion is a very big part of ‘Gossip Girl’. Did the series change your view on fashion?

“Fashion is a character of its own in this series and that definitely got me more interested in beautiful clothes. Moving to New York also had a big influence on my style, fashion is everywhere, it’s a part of the culture here. You only have to walk through the streets to be inspired and to discover different styles.”
“Because of ‘Gossip Girl’ I got to know a lot of brands. Now I see fashion as a way to underline your character and to express yourself. I also have more money to spend on clothes. That helps, of course.”

You told me that your favourite piece of the Philipp Plein Summer collection is a brown leather jacket. What is the favourite piece of clothing that you own?

“My jeans. When I finally find the right pair, I wear them until they break down. It’s not easy to find the right pair of jeans, so my advice would be: if you find one, immediately buy 25 of them.”

With a theme as ‘Unleash the Beast’ we can’t help but ask: what is needed to unleash the beast in you?

“You would have to pour a lot of liquor into me.”

We can take care of that.

Identity Kit

-Born on 27 June 1987. Was raised near London. Son of a psychologist and a university lecturer.

-Played a with vampires obsessed student in ‘Californication’.

-Was in the alternative rock band The Filthy Youth with some friends. The project is not running right now.

-Played in the movie ‘Breaking and Entering’ (2006) next to Juliette Binoche and Jude Law.

-Had a two year relationship with ‘Gossip Girl’-college Jessica Szohr (Vanessa in the series). The couple broke up in 2010.

-At the beginning of this year the two were rumoured to have reconciled but Westwick would currently be single.

-Now that the last season of ‘Gossip Girl’ is filmed, Westwick is totally focussed on his movie carrier.

-Next year he can be seen in the cinema as Tybalt in a remake of ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

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INTERVIEW: Ed Westwick: I want to steal Blake Lively from the ‘Gossip Girl’ set

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It’s not exactly a secret that Gossip Girl will be signing off for good following the finale of the beloved show’s sixth season.

As Blake LivelyChace CrawfordLeighton Meester and Ed Westwick get ready to say farewell to their characters — and one another — the U.K.-born Westwick, 25, tells Us Weekly about his favorite Upper East Side moments, his hopes for Chuck Bass, and his post-Gossip Girl plans with the Queen of England.

The thing I will miss most about Gossip Girl is . . .

The makeup room

And the least . . .

The pets in the makeup room

My favorite memory is . . .

Getting the call that I was moving to New York

Before it’s all over I play to steal ________ from the set.

Blake Lively. Do you even have to ask why?

My favorite food from craft services is . . .

A turkey sandwich

One behind-the-scenes secret I’ve never shared before is . . .

Our crew is the best damn crew ever!!!

If I were able to choose where my character, Chuck Bass, ends up, it would be . . .

Resting in peace. Everything ends.

The most outrageous outfit that Chuck ever wore was . . .

My memory is not as good as yours. Croquet?

The new story line fans will love most this fall is . . .

Everyone’s. I still don’t know where it ends. Buckle up!

Once the show has wrapped, I will . . .

Be in England, taking tea with the queen.

Source: UsMagazine


The New Romeo and Juliet Hold Court at Cannes

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It’s been sixteen years since director Baz Luhrmann put a gleefully anachronistic spin on Williams Shakespeare’s enduring classic Romeo and Juliet, and twenty-eight years before that, Franco Zeffirelli delivered his faithful big-screen version, starring Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey. Is it time, then, for a new take? At Cannes, producers made their pitch for the just-wrapped, Carlo Carlei-directed Romeo and Juliet, which was scripted by Downton Abbey‘s Julian Fellowes and stars True Grit Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld and Brit actor Douglas Booth. “People will want to try to compare this, and I think it has the romance of the Zeffirelli and the energy of the Baz Luhrmann,” Booth told us.

The new Romeo, due out sometime next year, also has a supporting cast that includes Paul Giamatti, Holly Hunter, and Damian Lewis, as well as a performance by Ed Westwick as the fiery Tybalt. Westwick was on the scene at the beachside Cannes party, and we asked him how Fellowes managed to put his own stamp on a sacred text. “Basically, we broke down some of the verse, and he added his own verse, so it’s a nice combination of both,” Westwick said. “It’s very unique. It’s not doing the same thing [as the other films], although people will have to make up their own minds about that.” (Showing off his Tybalt temper, Westwick then tut-tutted to the bartender, whose pour was more foam than beer, “Can you fill it to the top? I want it to the top, like in the advert.”)

“I’m dyslexic and I read very slowly,” Booth confessed to us. “When I readRomeo and Juliet in the past — obviously it was longer, because our screenplay cuts it down — but it would take me a while and it was fairly hard to get through. Some of these speeches … it’s long, you know. When I read Julian’s, the way he edited it is so brilliant. I went straight through it so quickly.”

The project raised Stateside eyebrows last year when it was reported that teenage Steinfeld would be taking part in some sensual scenes, but the hirsute Booth said there’s nothing to worry about. “I’m 19, despite the beard, and Hailee’s 15,” he said. “In the original play, Juliet was 13 and Romeo was 17, so it’s the same age difference. Hailee’s extremely mature, extremely clever and smart, and we all know how talented an actress she is. So the chemistry was just there, really. I think that’s why they put us together.” Alas, the two weren’t together at the party, since Steinfeld was busy in Louisiana shooting a big-screen adaptation of Ender’s Game. Isn’t that just like Romeo and Juliet: forever kept apart by scheduling issues.

Source: Vulture

Q&A: ‘Gossip Girl’ Boss Talks Blair’s Soul-Searching, Serena’s New Status and Finale Clues

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It’s back to business on Gossip Girl.

After Blair (Leighton Meester) made the bold choice to move forward with a realromance with former “Lonely Boy,” Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley), the two find themselves dealing with unforeseen challenges in tonight’s return. And, it hasnothing to do with Chuck (Ed Westwick).

“For us, it’s more the fact that Dan has loved Blair for a long time and when you have those expectations for a very long time, they can cause problems because so much is riding on it,” executive producer Josh Safran told The Hollywood Reporter in previewing the rest of season 5.

That’s not all that’s going on in the Upper East Side when the CW picks back up again – and shall we add Brooklyn to the mix? With Lily (Kelly Rutherford) and Rufus (Matthew Settle) banished from Manhattan thanks to fake Charlie/real Ivy (Kaylee DeFer), the unexpected move will cause friction for the married couple. And while Blair and Dan struggle to overcome their obstacles, Chuck finds himself knee-deep in a family reunion and Serena (Blake Lively) may have finally found her calling.

In a chat with THR, Safran revealed details about an unexpected adversary for Blair, Chuck’s family reunion, Dan’s follow-up to the controversial tell-all,Inside, and much more.

The Hollywood Reporter: Blair chose to explore a relationship with Dan in the last episode. Is there hope for Chuck and Blair fans?

Josh Safran: Chuck and Blair obviously continue to be important in each other’s lives and continue to share scenes with each other. That story will go a certain way and you’ll have to wait and see. They are by no means out of each other’s lives.

THR: Can you speak to how Chuck’s uncle, Jack (Desmond Harrington), comes back into the fold?

Safran: Chuck has come to believe that Jack has helped save his life [after the car accident that landed him in the hospital], brings him to town and while there, he discovers maybe not all is what it seems. It starts Chuck on a hunt to figure out his path and what exactly happened. It’s a really big story for Chuck.

THR: Is that Chuck’s arc for the remaining episodes?

Safran: That is his arc for the remainder for the season. As he gets deeper and as it gets more and more layered and emotional, Chuck may reach out for support from the only person who can support him – or has supported him in the past – which would be Blair. Whether or not she helps him, you’ll have to wait and see.

THR: What are the chances that Bart Bass will appear?

Safran: There have been reports that [Alan Dale] has been on-set. Bart, since he died, has been on the show as a ghost in flashbacks so [we’re] just following that extension as Chuck is in a family story.

THR: We know it was intentional to have Serena’s life fall apart this season. Will her friendship with Blair be back to levels seen in previous seasons?

Safran: Their friendship definitely comes to a turning point because this season, like you said, Serena has lost a lot and that has been what’s happening. She’s had these things that she’s cared about stripped from her, whether they’ve been her job or Blair or Dan and I think now that the [Gossip Girl] laptop has landed in her lap, the question will be will she use it for good or will she use it for bad? Is it Frodo and the ring in order to take her power back and that is very much her arc in these last episodes.

THR: Has she found her calling assuming Gossip Girl identity?

Safran: She may think she has. That is all I will say.

THR: If and when Dan’s second book, Monarch of Manhattan, gets published, will it cause similar problems to his first tell-all novel, Inside?

Safran: His next book is meant to be fictional, alternative history. Whether that ends up ultimately being the book that he writes will be revealed in the finale.

THR: There has been a lot focus lately on Blair’s romantic entanglements. Will there be a concerted effort to move back to her career aspirations?

Safran: Absolutely. The whole plot with the prince was about how ever since Blair was a child, her dream was, “I want to be a princess, I want to be a queen.” That was her goal; that was what she was always striving for. Then she got it and when she had it, she realized it was so not what she wanted at all. Now that you’ve had a lifelong dream and now that that dream is over, you have to dream a new dream. What will that new dream be? Who do you want to be? Who is Blair Cornelia Waldorf, now that the one thing she has always hoped for, it isn’t what she wants. In the last batch of episodes, it very much drives her. We have a great vintage Blair story and a very funny adversary – and it’s one of my favorite stories we’ve ever done. I think the audience will like it. It’s very much in the vein of Blair getting her groove back.

THR: You mentioned an adversary. Can you offer hints as to who it is?

Safran: It’s not a person. [Laughs] It’s not a person it’s a thing. It’s a really, really funny story. I’ll tell you: It’s in episode 21.

THR: What kind of obstacles and hardships will Rufus and Lily be forced to overcome now that they’re not living in Manhattan?

Safran: It is definitely not easygoing for Lily. She’s never loved Brooklyn and she does not love Brooklyn now. It’s definitely going to put a wedge in her relationship with Rufus because he is going to discover how much he has missed Brooklyn. He was written as a trophy husband in Dan’s book and now here he is finally back on his turf not in the Upper East Side as a trophy husband, realizing how much he misses it.

THR: Is it safe to say that that will fuel their story in the remaining episodes heading toward the season finale?

Safran: That definitely only continues to create problems. It’s the tip of the iceberg.

THR: Will Chuck and Blair find out that Tripp endangered their lives in “Riding in Town Cars With Boys”?

Safran: It’s one of those things where in our minds we believed that they do know. It was off-screen. So many months passed in that hiatus that we figured that Nate and Serena told them and Tripp has been taken care of. I realize that we should have shined a light on it but we had so much going on with Blair and Chuck in that episode back.

THR: Chuck has been drowning in his sorrows lately. Will there be a light at the end of the tunnel for him or is more scotch in his future?

Safran: I won’t comment on that, but I will say that he’s definitely going to have a lot more to drink over in the upcoming episodes. [Laughs] Whether he does or not, I’m not going to say, but he’s definitely – there are definitely some major shocks coming.

THR: Is the Chuck-Dan friendship going to resurface at any point in the near future, perhaps in the sixth season?

Safran: Of course, the way we had had seen this season it was important to us that it was about these two brothers in love with the same girl, that was the way we looked at it. There has to be a winner at some point and what that does to the nature of their friendship obviously. That is a continuing story and their feelings for each other will absolutely continue into the next season. That is a longer story line, one that will be resolved this year, their friendship with each other.

THR: Will the identity of the real mastermind behind Gossip Girl ever be revealed?

Safran: We are not telling that story to not end it properly.

THR: The end of this season?

Safran: It might be. It could be. That is an ongoing story. Our goal wasn’t to be like, “It’s Georgina! It’s Serena!” There is a real person behind that personage who may not be very happy that their laptop and their server has been taken over.

THR: Diana (Elizabeth Hurley) will be back to stir up more trouble. How does she factor in with Nate (Chace Crawford)?

Safran: Every story will actually dovetail together so while Serena might be dealing with this laptop, we know from the beginning of the season that Diana’s goal was to eliminate Gossip Girl. So while Diana is dealing with Nate and Lola, she also has her eye on finishing what she came to start in the beginning of the year.

THR: What will the season finale entail?

Safran: It is like somebody pushes a button and detonates a huge nuclear bomb on the Upper East Side and nothing will ever be the same from that point forward.

Gossip Girl returns Mondays at 8 p.m. on the CW.


From TVLine – Dan/Blair/Chuck Triangle Will ‘Come To a Head’ in Explosive Season Finale

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The countdown to the Gossip Girl finale begins Monday when the CW soap returns with the first of seven all-new episodes. Below, showrunner Josh Safran gives TVLine a sneak peek at what’s going down on the Upper East Side as the season draws to a close (hint: a ton).

TVLINE | Dan and Blair go public with their romance in “Salon of the Dead” on April 16. What obstacles do they face beyond that?
The obstacles are always going to be that Dan knows just how big of a presence Chuck has been in Blair’s life. And that’s something Blair works very hard to put Dan at ease about, but I think the harder she works at putting Dan at ease about that the more uneasy he feels. And, obviously, their relationship is hard foreverybody around them because Serena was and maybe still is in love with Dan. And Chuck has his issues that he’s dealing with. And whenever Chuck is dealing with issues, Blair often wants to help.

TVLINE | Is Louis no longer a factor?
He is no longer a factor.

TVLINE | So Georgina takes care of that situation?
The situation will be taken care of. I’m not sure it’s ultimately Georgina who takes care of it.

TVLINE | If Ivy loved having a family so much, why is she alienating the Van der Woodsens? What’s her endgame?
She definitely still wants to be a part of the family. But she’s upset because no matter what she has tried to do they don’t accept her. So, at this point, she feels like she has nothing left to prove because they’re not going to accept her anyway, so she’s just going to look out for herself.

TVLINE | Is Serena the new Gossip Girl?
I don’t want to say because Monday’s episode is very much about that struggle for Serena. But it’s like the Ring and Frodo. That’s how we looked at that story.

TVLINE | It feels like the storyline is building to you revealing the identity of the real Gossip Girl. Is it?
This storyline is something we did not tread lightly about. We knew if we were going to open this door we had to see it through. And we will be seeing it through.

TVLINE | So we will find out who Gossip Girl is this season?
I’m not going to comment on that. But we are seeing the story through.

TVLINE | What else will Serena be up to in these final episodes?
Serena definitely has been feeling a little powerless this season, whether it’s losing Dan to Blair or losing her job that she cared about with David O. Russell, and then the Spectator. She’s going to [try to] gain her power back and be the Serena van der Woodsen she once was. Whether that means transitioning out of being an “It Girl” and being a creator of “It Girls,” or whether that means stealing her spotlight back you’ll have to watch and see.

TVLINE | Is it fair to say the season finale will revolve around Blair making a choice between Dan and Chuck.
It doesn’t revolve around that. That triangle definitely comes to the end point. But the episode revolves around Serena quite heavily. It’s a very huge turning point for Serena — probably the biggest one she’s had since Season 1.

TVLINE | Does the episode end with a cliffhanger?
Oh, it ends with many cliffhangers. We always try to make our finales really exciting and juicy and fun. But in this one, it’s like a bomb gets detonated and levels everything.

TVLINE | So you’re feeling pretty confident about a sixth season?

TVLINE | A report surfaced that The CW may only renew the show for 13 episodes.
I can’t comment on that because I don’t have an answer. That remains to be seen. But we are not closing out this season with a series finale.

Source: TVLine

Author of ‘Dark is the Sky’ says she would love for Ed Westwick to play one of her character in a movie

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Jessica Chambers sat down for an interview recently about her newest book, “Dark is the Sky,” and when asked who she would love to play her characters in a movie, she said Ed Westwick! Below is the excerpt from the interview:

If your current release were to be turned into a movie, who would you love to see play what characters and why?

What I’d really love is for Dark is the Sky to be turned into one of those multi-episode television dramas produced by the BBC. And the casting? No contest. Scott Cameron, whose death forms the focal point of the novel, simply has to be played by the gorgeous Ed Westwick. Not only is he an incredible actor. His bad boy sexiness would be perfect!

Read Full Interview

Party Lines: Ed Westwick at the World Premiere of ‘War Horse’

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At the world premiere of War Horse, Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s 1982 children’s book about the relationship between a boy and his horse separated during World War I, Vulture asked Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick which of Spielberg’s other movies is his favorite. “Jurassic Park,” he answered without missing a beat. “I remember the cover for the VHS: ‘An adventure 65 million years in the making.’” His favorite scene, he adds, is “when the guy gets eaten on the toilet. But my greatest memory is the whole thing.” When we asked if he gets emotionally attached to animals, à la Jeremy Irvine’s character in the film, he had this to say: “As humans, we’re such emotional beings … unless you are a real coldhearted individual, stone-cold killer, then you’re probably not.”


INTERVIEW – Ed Westwick Talks Fashion

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When your beloved Ed Westwick came to Manila to shoot his campaign for his latest endorsement, local fashion brandPenshoppe, he spent most of his time out of the public’s eye. But now, you’ll see just what went down in those hush-hush photo shoots. We know you’ve already gazed lovingly upon the billboards of this sexy bad-boy icon all over the metro. Now, shows you something more: a behind-the-scenes look at his fashion shoot for the brand!

The international actor, best known for playing Chuck Bass in the CW TV series Gossip Girl, was chosen to be the face of Penshoppe’s pre-Holiday 2011 to Summer 2012 collection, which are made up of casual yet sophisticated wardrobe staples. In his press conference at Salon de Ning in Manila Peninsula, he identified what garments he particularly loves in the collection. Find out what they are in the Q&A below, and check them out in the stores if you want Ed-approved outfits for your guy!

Q: Penshoppe has prepared a great collection of clothes for you. Do you think they’re more Ed Westwick than they are Chuck Bass?

Ed: I think that they’re a combination, actually. But we tried to pick clothes that were more what I’d wear. So, you won’t see many multi-colored bowties or anything like that. But it was a great combination, you know. I’m wearing some of the stuff right now. I’m a really big fan of this coat, and what I’m wearing.They’ve got really great denims, really great shirts, really great jackets.We’re trying to show everything that people could wear–a great range of stuff.

Q: There’s definitely one thing you and Chuck Bass both have–a great sense of style and fashion. Do you agree?

Ed: Well, like they say, it’s nice to look nice. And I think fashion is a very important part of our lives in this day and age; it’s self-expression and self-reflection. It’s kind of like a knight going into battle: you get dressed wearing the clothes you want to wear, and it makes you feel confident, makes you feel good. That’s the approach I have, definitely, when working with my character for Chuck Bass. He’s somebody who’s got a very unique sense of dress and a very strong sense of dress. That sort of makes it so much for fun for me to play. I get to dress up in really fantastic clothes.

Q: What made you say yes to this campaign with Penshoppe?

Ed: Well, I think Penshoppe is such a strong brand. It’s an ambitious brand, and they’re celebrating their 25th year, this year. Just from seeing some of the clothes and getting to know some of the people in the company, [I know] they have a very strong vision of what they want to do. They’ve got really nice pieces–taking elements of high fashion and making them accessible… It is very fashion-forward. And to work with the Penshoppe company, [I] got to know different regions around the world… [I] got to know the different fashions… I enjoyed getting to know the culture around this part of the world. It’s my first time in the Philippines.

So, you know, it was the perfect thing. We could tie it together and make it happen.

Q: You’re following a pretty strong roster of past and present local Penshoppe endorsers (including Akihiro Sato, Solenn Heussaff, Victor Basa, and Bea Soriano). What new thing have you brought to the table?

Ed: I’d like to think I brought a lot of my personality to it. You know, I’m somebody who’s driven, somebody who’s ambitious, somebody who’s approachable, and somebody who’s always out to bring the best. I think that’s what Penshoppe is trying to do. It’s also got international appeal. It’s something that I’m hoping I bring–you know, a global kind of feature. It’s not just something to be localized to the Philippines, and I’m not somebody who can just be tied to the United States or to England…


Ed Westwick: Television’s Most-Loved ‘Bad Boy’

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For the Q&A portion, please click on the “read more” link below!

On the small screen, Ed Westwick is the “bad boy” in the hitUS teen drama Gossip Girlwhich is based on the popular book series about privileged teenagers who attend an elite private school in New York City. Westwick’s character Chuck Bass is described as “an overly confident and sexy bad boy” who plays around with women.

In real life, Westwick is the opposite of his screen alter-ego. At a suite in the Manila Peninsula where the following Conversationwas conducted, Westwick was “confident and sexy,” all right, but he was hardly a “bad boy.” The pre-interview reminder was not to ask him certain questions (such as if he’s “single and available;” according to a report, he datedGossip Girl co-star Jessica Szohr from late 2008 and split from her in May last year, saying, “Girlfriends are too much of a headache”) but Westwick turned out to be “game,” answering all the other questions with a smile and a sparkle in his light-blue eyes that stayed focused on you. He was Mr.Nice all throughout, all the way, and he even agreed to pose for a souvenir photo with the interviewer.

Turning 24 on June 27, Westwick was born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, and had an early training at the National Youth Theater in London where he used to live. He has since uprooted himself and moved to New York where Gossip Girl is shot. He began his career in British television before going to Hollywood.

Although he has been in other shows (Californication, as a bully and surrogate father figure to his devoted younger brother, etc.) and a few movies (100 Feet, Chalet Girl, etc.), it’s Gossip Girl with which he has been identified. Last March, he began shooting J. Edgar, a biographical film directed by Clint Eastwood in which Westwick plays Agent Smith (Hoover’s biographer), with Leonardo DiCaprio among his co-stars.

During this Conversation, Westwick looked dapper in his Penshoppe get-up. Yes, it was Penshoppe that brought Westwick here as its 25th-anniversary endorser. The deal was closed by Joyce Ramirez of PR Asia Worldwide. Westwick arrived last Tuesday night (May 31) and left Thursday night (June 2). It was a hectic but fruitful 48 hours for Westwick in the Philippines mainly to shoot for Penshoppe with Australian fashion photographer Darren Tieste.

“Westwick perfectly embodies Penshoppe,” said Alex Mendoza, Penshoppe brand director.

The visit was much too short.

“I hope to come back,” said Westwick, “soon!”


Ed Westwick on what he learned from playing Chuck Bass and what he loves about Pinays

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Ed Westwick plays a perfectly polished, devilishly handsome bad boy in the hit CW TV series Gossip Girl. Whether or not he has on his Chuck Bass hat, the British actor has an undeniably sexy sense of style, which makes him all the more irresistible to girls the world over…and even to fashion brands.

This is the reason Penshoppe asked the 23-year-old star to be their newest endorser, in line with their 25th anniversary campaign. The local fashion brand flew Ed from the Upper East Side to Manila on May 31 for a series of photo shoots, as Ed will be Penshoppe’s poster boy for four seasons. In case you missed that, yes, Ed Westwick was here, on our shores, and just last night, June 2, he was in Makati for the press conference at the posh Salon de Ning in Manila Peninsula. Cosmo got the chance to see Ed in the flesh, and as our treat for you, we’re publishing excerpts from the brief yet truly unforgettable interview we had with your fave actor. He regaled us with his sexy British accent and some of his lines from Gossip Girl, plus his sweet sense of humor and light, charming, and down-to-earth replies.

Is this your first time in the Philippines?

This is my first time in the Philippines. And I’d like to thank everyone—everyone’s made me feel really welcome.

It’s been a short trip, and a very hectic one at that. How have you coped with the schedule so far?

Well, I was feeling a little jetlagged before I came out here with all the bright lights and lots of people, but I’m now wide awake. It’s been a very, very quick trip. But everything has gone really, really well. We’ve had a great time here, doing the shoot yesterday, it was fantastic. Everyone involved in it has been amazing. And today I actually went out on a boat around Manila Bay, took a look at the Manila skyline. You have a beautiful city here. You have a beautiful country, and beautiful, fantastic people.

We appreciate that you made the trip, it was about 16 hours, right?
Well, yeah, I got on a plane in New York, stopped over in Seoul, South Korea, and then… I’m going to do it all over again tonight.

Before you came here, what was your concept of the Philippines? And now that you’re leaving, how has it changed?
Well, you know, flying on my way over, I was reading a little bit, and I was very surprised to hear that you have around 7,000 islands! And I now know, when somebody asks, to say “High tide or low tide?” But you know, that was amazing to me, the amount of islands there are. Obviously it’s a region of the world that’s very rich in culture. I didn’t know too much, but now I’ve kind of just touched the surface, I feel. So I’ve got to try and make a trip back. I want to get out to some of the islands, which I hear is like paradise. So, it’s a very rich, diverse place, and I’m excited to get back and spend a little bit more time.

We heard that you wanted to meet Manny Pacquiao?

You know, I think I might have said I wanted to fight Manny Pacuiao. (Ed laughs.) But no, of course I don’t want to. Of course I don’t want to…die. But yeah, I’m a huge fan of boxing and I’m a huge fan of Pacquiao. That’s probably the strongest thing I knew about the Philippines before I got here.

Are you familiar with Charice (Pempengco)?

Oh yes, of course…I think I know her.

Have you met her?

I think I have actually. You know, with the country’s huge population, there’s a lot of talent here, a lot of culture, and obviously the Philippines has a lot to offer around the world…

You’re leaving so soon, have you picked up any souvenir from the country?

Well, I have, but… I’ve forgotten the name of…There’s someone who made me a bamboo chair… (Kenneth Cobonpue) Yes, I have one of these. So that’s my souvenir. That’s something I can take home.

Although you’ve only been here for a couple of days, how do you find Filipina women?

Well, I haven’t found any yet. (Laughs.)

Does anything strike you as particularly special about Filipinas?

Well, you know, in general, everyone I’ve met has been fantastic, but… Filipina women do seem to have…quite an attractive look about them, I have to say, so…it’s one of the reasons why I’m coming back.

Now, with regards to your role on Gossip Girl, what are the similarities and differences between Ed Westwick and Chuck Bass?

Well, we’re both male… We both look alike, which is very strange, isn’t it? (Laughs.) But you know, we’re actually very different, I’m sad to say. You see, he’s such an amazing character to play, and so much fun, and I had a great time working with all the people I work with on the show. But no, I live quite a different life, I’m afraid to say. I, uh… I don’t ride in a limousine quite as often.

One thing you seem to have in common is your great sense of style, yes?

Well, yeah, like they say, it’s nice to look nice. I think fashion is a very important part of our lives in this day and age. You know, it’s self-expression, self-reflection… It’s kind of like a knight going into battle: you get dressed wearing clothes you want to wear, and it makes you feel confident, makes you feel good. That’s definitely the approach I kind of have, and definitely when working with my character Chuck Bass. He’s somebody who’s got a very unique sense of dress, a very strong sense of dress, and that makes it so much fun to play, for me. You know, I get to dress up in really fantastic clothes.

Whats the biggest influence Chuck Bass has had on you?

Um… How not to mistreat women. (Laughs.) You know, Chuck can be pretty awful at times…so I guess I’ve learned a few things as to what not to do.

How has it been like proving to people that you’re more than just Chuck Bass, and what’s something about you that Chuck doesn’t or would never do?

Well, I think you can look at it in two ways—you can look at it professionally and you can look at it personally. Professionally, when you’re part of a show that’s so well known, and you’re acting as a character like that—within that, you have a character that is a bit iconic, perhaps, a lot of people know the character, a lot of people admire the character and [are] entertained by him—you begin to directly associate with that character. But as a professional, I think its especially important to remember that it’s still a role… I think, professionally, it’s important to look for other work that brings you to a different role, to a different character, and interact with different people…

And then personally, I know I’m very different from Chuck Bass. But one thing he’d never have on me is English charm. He’s got that American charm, but he hasn’t got the English charm, you know.

It’s your birthday this month right? (Ed’s note: Ed was born June 27, 1987.) How do you plan to celebrate?

Yes, it is, I’ll be 24 this June. My plan is… I’ve got friends coming in from London to New York… Maybe I should fly back to Manila and throw a party here? We could have it here actually, fantastic room… (Audience goes wild.)

But well, I don’t really know [what I’ll be doing], I might be shooting Gossip Girl, so we’ll see what happens.

Oh, now that you’ve mentioned it… What will happen on Gossip Girl?

Um, I don’t know what’s happening, I uh… (Ed laughs as the crowd reacts.) I’m not sure what’s happening yet, but I know from the first episode, it’s pretty good… I think the past four years—four seasons—have been amazing. I had the opportunity to explore many different parts of Chuck and different storylines. And I’ve got full faith in the writers, in whatever they want to do for the next season. So we’ll just see what happens, but I’m sure it’s going to be a great season.

You have a very sexy English accent. Do you ever slip when you’re doing the American one?

Well, not really. Luckily I can keep it going when I have to.

Since Gossip Girl is set in New York and you also live there, it’s such a part of the show. It’s like what they said in Sex And The City—it’s like the fifth lady. If we were going to hang out with you in New York, what would be our itinerary? Where would we go?

Well, first of all, I’d pick you up at the airport. (Women in the audience scream in approval, and he laughs.) And then, uh…if you’re jet-lagged, I think you’d need to rest. And then, I don’t know. There’s so much you could do. Central Park is gorgeous this time of year, it’s a good place to hang out, relax there for a bit. Then I’d take you around the city. There are so many great restaurants in New York, it really is an amazing city. Like what you said, in Sex and the City, it’s like a fifth lady. I mean, there really is character in it…

[With Gossip Girl], it’s not like shooting the show in L.A. for example, or in another city where you’re trying to recreate that location. We’re very, very privileged, and very lucky to be able to shoot [in New York]. So yeah, it’s really special.

In between taping, how do you like to spend your extra time?

Well, you know, like I said, there are plenty of great restaurants in New York, you know, they’ve definitely got good food. I like to play a lot of soccer, football… like in the Philippines, you know, you really should be more into football. And [I like to] just hang out with friends. And, of course, being an actor, I’m a huge movie buff.

How excited are you for the new Romeo and Juliet?

I’m really excited. We’ve got a really, really great cast. It’s keeping the traditional flow of Shakespeare’s original language, but we’ve made it…more accessible to a contemporary generation. And yeah, it’s going to be fantastic. Hailee Steinfeld is playing Juliet—very talented actress—and I get to play the wonderful role of Tybalt, the cousin of Juliet. It’s going to be an amazing time. We’re going to shoot in Verona…We’ll get to bring probably the most famous story of all time back to life.

You’re playing another bad boy in your upcoming movie, how do you tap into that wild side?

Well, you know, I think each character has to be treated individually. There’s a different set of restrictions with Romeo and Juliet because it is period based, you know, it’s the middle ages, it’s different… I’ve got a little bit of time before I start work, so yeah, I’m still gonna figure that one out.

Would you call yourself a method actor (you know, like gain or lose weight for a role and such)?

No, I’m not practicing method acting right now. For somebody to give that much of himself to a role is a remarkable thing. And it’s something that I don’t think you can achieve overnight. I think it’s a very methodical process, a very meticulous process. But now, at the moment, I adopt a different style. In the future it may be something I look into. When I go a little bit more…crazy.

Apart from acting, what are your other talents?

Well, I play a bit of the guitar. Recently I’ve been trying to learn how to play the spoons, though I’m not that good yet. Really, I’m good at football, there you go. And that’s about it. I’m good at sleeping as well.

Can you sing?

(Smiles.) Not right now.

This is not a question, but we just wanted to hear you say your line “I don’t need passports, I’m Chuck Bass.”

(Ed takes on his American accent and Chuck Bass swagger.)

I don’t need passports, I’m Chuck Bass.

Well that was fun! That was the easiest thing I had to do all night! Thank you for that!