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VIDEO – Ed and Leighton Interview in Thailand, January 11th

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VIDEO INTERVIEW – Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester in Thailand

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This interview was conducted this morning in Thailand (it was actually 7pm their time!), and there are a few more videos to come! Screen captures to follow!

*Replacing the original one with part 1 & part 2 in better quality!

SCAN – Ed Westwick in November issue of Elle Magazine Belgium

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I’d like to thank our lovely follower, Iris (@irisjee9 on Twitter) for donating this scan to our site! She really came through for us quickly! The full-size scan has been placed in the gallery – the link is below – and Iris has also taken the time to translate the article accurately for you all. Thank you, Iris! 😉

The beast in Ed Westwick

The Swiss designer Philipp Plein likes a famous face. Last year he had actress Lindsay Lohan as an ambassadress for his womenswear collection, for his menswear collection the rock-‘n-roll-designer appeals to the looks of Ed Westwick.

After a steamy shoot in front of the lens of photographer Terry Richardson, Westwick was ready for his big catwalk début in Milan. Elle had an intimate get together under the Milan summer sun.
Perhaps the name Ed Westwick probably doesn’t immediately ring a bell, but just drop the words ‘Chuck Bass’ during a conversation and half of the female world population swoons. The 25 year old Brit put himself in the shoes of the ‘Gossip Girl’-character Chuck Bass, the dandy bad boy with the unseen talent to lean against parked limos to break girls hearts, for 6 seasons. That I got the opportunity to talk to Pleins occasional model provoked more jealous reactions than had I gave birth to Brad Pitt’s love child…

The shoot got the name ‘Unleash the Beast’

Westwick: “Photographer Terry Richardson created a fantastic atmosphere on set. And yes, the beast was unleashed, first of all by Terry who can be seen in the campaign too, he actually is a beast. We have certainly honoured the strong image of the brand.”

You are an actor. Did you find it hard to be a model? 

“Well, I am very vain and like to pose, so that worked out pretty good. (Laughs)”

Were you able to use your experience as an actor?

“Sure! As an actor, you try to play a credible character, a model has to sell an image and a brand. That involves a lot of acting.”

Fashion is a very big part of ‘Gossip Girl’. Did the series change your view on fashion?

“Fashion is a character of its own in this series and that definitely got me more interested in beautiful clothes. Moving to New York also had a big influence on my style, fashion is everywhere, it’s a part of the culture here. You only have to walk through the streets to be inspired and to discover different styles.”
“Because of ‘Gossip Girl’ I got to know a lot of brands. Now I see fashion as a way to underline your character and to express yourself. I also have more money to spend on clothes. That helps, of course.”

You told me that your favourite piece of the Philipp Plein Summer collection is a brown leather jacket. What is the favourite piece of clothing that you own?

“My jeans. When I finally find the right pair, I wear them until they break down. It’s not easy to find the right pair of jeans, so my advice would be: if you find one, immediately buy 25 of them.”

With a theme as ‘Unleash the Beast’ we can’t help but ask: what is needed to unleash the beast in you?

“You would have to pour a lot of liquor into me.”

We can take care of that.

Identity Kit

-Born on 27 June 1987. Was raised near London. Son of a psychologist and a university lecturer.

-Played a with vampires obsessed student in ‘Californication’.

-Was in the alternative rock band The Filthy Youth with some friends. The project is not running right now.

-Played in the movie ‘Breaking and Entering’ (2006) next to Juliette Binoche and Jude Law.

-Had a two year relationship with ‘Gossip Girl’-college Jessica Szohr (Vanessa in the series). The couple broke up in 2010.

-At the beginning of this year the two were rumoured to have reconciled but Westwick would currently be single.

-Now that the last season of ‘Gossip Girl’ is filmed, Westwick is totally focussed on his movie carrier.

-Next year he can be seen in the cinema as Tybalt in a remake of ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

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Scans > 2012 > 11.2012 – Elle Magazine Belgium

INTERVIEW: Ed Westwick: I want to steal Blake Lively from the ‘Gossip Girl’ set

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It’s not exactly a secret that Gossip Girl will be signing off for good following the finale of the beloved show’s sixth season.

As Blake LivelyChace CrawfordLeighton Meester and Ed Westwick get ready to say farewell to their characters — and one another — the U.K.-born Westwick, 25, tells Us Weekly about his favorite Upper East Side moments, his hopes for Chuck Bass, and his post-Gossip Girl plans with the Queen of England.

The thing I will miss most about Gossip Girl is . . .

The makeup room

And the least . . .

The pets in the makeup room

My favorite memory is . . .

Getting the call that I was moving to New York

Before it’s all over I play to steal ________ from the set.

Blake Lively. Do you even have to ask why?

My favorite food from craft services is . . .

A turkey sandwich

One behind-the-scenes secret I’ve never shared before is . . .

Our crew is the best damn crew ever!!!

If I were able to choose where my character, Chuck Bass, ends up, it would be . . .

Resting in peace. Everything ends.

The most outrageous outfit that Chuck ever wore was . . .

My memory is not as good as yours. Croquet?

The new story line fans will love most this fall is . . .

Everyone’s. I still don’t know where it ends. Buckle up!

Once the show has wrapped, I will . . .

Be in England, taking tea with the queen.

Source: UsMagazine


VIDEO: “There’s hope for Chuck and Blair”

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VIDEO: Ed Westwick Interview in Milan, June 23rd

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Vanity Fair Interview: Style Lessons with Ed Westwick

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I have translated this interview from Italian to English. So I apologize in advance for mistakes.

Chuck Bass is a dandy, as a Philipp Plein testimonial your style is more rock, but in reality? How is Ed Westwick’s style?
«Let’s say something in between, I like to change a lot and every once in a while I try to exaggerate. I believe my style is influenced by the things that surround me, the music I listen to, I feel more rock in this period. I’ve also had other jobs in regards of fashion, but this is the first time a collaboration reflects my style completely. It gave my look an energetic spin.»

A fashion advice?
«Try new things, never be ordinary and be brave and if someday you go out with the wrong outfit, nevermind…»

What is never missing in your closet?
«A beautiful leather jacket, I think every man should have one.»

It’s your first time on the runway…
«Exactly, I really hope I won’t fall.»

Did you train?
«For months! I’m kidding, it all came really natural, working with a great designer and with great photographers, every piece of the puzzle went on its place, like during the shooting, it was a crazy experience working in New York with Terry Rihcardson, it was unique.»

I know you are a very dedicated fan…
«Of Chelsea, it’s true, and of England of course. I’m impatiently waiting for Sunday’s match.»

Rooney will play too, after the hair transplant he just did. What do you think, would you do that?
«Why not! You want hair, get the hair back. For now I have enough and I hope they will remain where they are. But if they would ever fall, who knows, why not, exactly.»

On Sunday England will be against Italy in the quarter finals of Euro 2012, will you watch the match in Milan?
«No,I will be already in London. My short trip to Milan, that I have adored, ends here. May the best team win!»


VIDEO – Press Conference Ed Westwick & Philipp Plein at MFW

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VIDEO – Ed Westwick Photoshoot and Interview with TVGuide Magazine

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Interview: Q&A with Ed Westwick

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If you’re a guy who has been bullied into watching Gossip Girl with your ladyfriend or seen photos of him online, then the Ed Westwick you think you know, is not Ed Westwick. After our interview with him it is clear that Westwick is nothing short of a gentleman and a professional; two all-important qualities many men leave behind in the great quest for sartorial glory.

Sure, sometimes Ed looks like he cares what face he is making in red carpet photos. You would too if every time you were caught blinking, it ended up on Perez Hilton with a crudely drawn pun (or dick) on your face.
Throughout our talk, Westwick discusses a multitude of different subjects, including his relationship with CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Tommy Hilfiger, as well as what we can expect from his upcoming film adaption of Shakespeare’s, Romeo and Juliet. Although we are still unsure if we’ll be seeing that flick unless held at gunpoint by a woman. BUT, what we learned from Ed is that there’s nothing wrong with that, because ultimately it just means more chicks for him. Well played, sir. Well played.
Grungy Gentleman sits down with Britain’s top export, Ed Westwick after the jump…